Black Site VR Policy

Each booking session is 40 minutes after 5 minutes has been allotted for check in and a safety brief for those new and requires it. You will then be directed to your Playing Bay to commence your session, however if you are late then your booking time does not extend but in fact it will end according to your allocated booking time window, so please ensure you arrive 5 – 10 minutes early to check in and receive a brief. At the conclusion of your booking time the game play or experience in VR will end at such time no matter where you are in VR space, it will come to an end and you will return to reality so that staff can reset, clean and be ready for the next booking

Black Site VR will endeavour to provide as much content as we deem suitable for short term play and experiences. You can select whichever game you wish to play by pressing the ‘System Button’ on your controller which we will show you, and this takes you to the Dashboard where it will list the Library of games available. If you stray away from the library, we ask that you return to ‘Library’, followed by ‘VR’ in order to see the entire collection of games and content available to you, this is to ensure you are not lost in VR.

Black Site VR uses the Pay Pal Payment Gateway to process your payment. Your payment is conducted securely through Pay Pal’s integrated system as you normally would with your Pay Pal account and if you do not have a Pay Pal account, Pay Pal does take credit card / debit card payments equally securely through their payment portal. Your payment goes directly to Black Site VR and a receipt is immediately generated to you by Pay Pal and a booking confirmation is confirmed by us.

Your payment is processed by Pay Pal and in no way does Black Site VR have any visibility on your payment details or any other personal information in reference to you and your payment during this process. Pay Pal is safe and secure, and for more information regarding Pay Pal visit their website on
Should you wish to make payment by cash, this can be done in person on site at our location, and only at this time can we arrange a booking for you for the next available spot.

Once you have booked your Play session, an automated email of confirmation will be sent to your email address that you have provided. Your booking will also appear on your Black Site VR account via ‘Login’, giving you access to make relevant changes. Bookings cannot be changed within 48 hours of the booked time so please double check your availability. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately via phone or email.

You have up to 7 days before a booking date to cancel your booking. A FREE booking coupon code will be issued to you via email for future bookings of no later than 6 months. We do not accept last minute cancellations or any cancellations of less than 7 days’ notice. If you have any issues with your booking leading up to your session, you can contact the office at between 1 pm – 5 pm, Monday – Friday (Excluding public holidays). To cancel a booking you must contact us by email, by phone or in person. Bookings can only be cancelled at the discretion of Black Site VR.

We do not issue refunds for a change of mind or gift vouchers. Please email us at if you are not satisfied with your purchase so that we can resolve any problems. If we deem there to be a legitimate cause for cancellation then a refund fee may apply.

We ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes early to check-in and to receive a safety briefing. From there you will be directed to your allocated playing bay however should you arrive late, you must still check in and receive a quick safety brief before you can step off into the virtual world. If you have been here before and are aware of the brief, check and direction will usually take less than a minute and away you go, unless there are multiple bookings which will mean a queued delay in check in which doesn’t take long at all. So remember the later you show up the less time you play.

If you have booked for more than one playing bay and intend to play multi-player then it is recommended that you’re entire call sign (team) arrive at the same time to check in and engage in the safety brief before you play. Any stragglers to your booked playing bay will need to receive a safety brief.

The minimum age requirement is 13+ but given that there are content that are suitable for 15+, a parent or guardian should be present to supervise the user. Content restrictions are subject to Black Site VR discretion, where a user may or may not be denied access to particular material. We do not host explicit material in sexual nature, however some gaming content are of a violent nature i.e. War Games and other shooters that are mild in graphic nature. We will generally leave the content selection up to the player’s discretion without intervention as it is a booked time by the player for the player. Younger participants may be involved but under strict supervision of a responsible adult that is family. The difficulty for children under 13 is that their heads are generally too small to fit inside the goggle which in turn impedes on their ability to see correctly as the goggles are not aligned with their sight. There is also not enough current research or medical documentation to demonstrate any adverse affects of younger children using VR at this stage however, be mindful that younger brains are developing and are impressionable, so any use by a minor will be at the discretion of the parent or guardian.

At Black Site VR we respect every person’s ability to enjoy their visit and have a fun time, and given that teams and spectators are permitted on the premises to enjoy group play we ask that all patrons be mindful that they are sharing space with other patrons and respect other people’s space.

Understandably due to excitement or horror, from games and other content in VR, there will be intermittent laughter and screams of terror, depending on the VR content. We ask that you generally maintain the noise level to a dull roar where possible and refrain from undesirable behaviours such as screaming out profanities.

Good social behaviours go without saying, as this will make for a great experience for everybody involved. Any serious violations of such atmosphere, we will address accordingly but any abhorrent behaviour will result in expulsion without refund, such as bullying, intimidation or any forms of harassment. We highly doubt that this would ever occur at our facility but it’s better said than not.

We encourage group play and or spectators to come and join players as they journey into other realms by stepping through the portal of VR. Spectators can view game play or VR experiences via our provided monitors or directly watch the hilarity unfold in front of them as the player is acting out what believe is happening to them. Due to the limited space per playing bay, we ask that you limit your participating friends including player to a total of 5.

It is a shared facility and we wish to maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere for all users and due to the nature of VR taking up your visibility from the real world, we discourage you from being drug or alcohol affected, otherwise you will not be allowed to play and your purchase is non-refundable.

Spectating is limited to the booked Playing Bay; please do not wonder off into other people’s playing bay that has not been booked by you or for you.

At Black Site VR we endeavour to provide as much content as we can to users. The content we generally provide or for standing and moving experiences, and occasionally a seated experience. We generally provide content that we vet and deem suitable to our audience which we understand is an evolving nature but the games that are available are specifically selected. Not all games and content displayed on our website will always be available in some or all Playing Bays, due to various possible reasons such as technical fault, internet accessibility at the time or other reasons. Certain games will appear on some machines and not others, as they are going through testing phase and we would not have been advertised as available. Therefore access to certain content is subject to availability and change.

If you are utilising online connectivity for multi-player off site with online users, we cannot guarantee up time of data flow as we are limited by the Internet Service Providers supply of such internet connectivity. We will endeavour to rectify any faults or issues with data services from our end but we take no responsibility for ISP failure or external hardware failure from provider to the location. In the event of such occurrence, we will attempt to restore data flow and with heavy interruptions of Game Play online we may direct you to a new booking slot where available at a discounted rate or no charge at all at our discretion.
If you are experiencing any issues with Multi-Player (LAN) connectivity, we will attempt to restore connectivity but if it’s a major issue and the sole purpose was to play team games then we will provide you with a complimentary booking of your choosing at a later date where available for the same number of booking bays you have booked for either separately or simultaneously.

At this stage there is to be no food of any kind consumed on these premises and smoking is prohibited. If you wish to smoke you must exit the building and smoke away from the store front and please dispose of the litter appropriately. Drinks at this stage will not be available on site however you may bring drinks into the building that has a seal-able lid. Drinks cannot be consumed whilst operating a VR headset nor near any electrical equipment, lease use common sense

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on site, there is zero tolerance for this. If you are alcohol or drug affected you will not be allowed to play and your purchase is non-refundable

We cannot provide a baby sitting service so please do not bring small children or animals onto the site if you are the only person who can look after them and you happen to be the person disappearing into VR leaving these small creatures behind. Please plan ahead and avoid this scenario.

Any damage to equipment that is deliberate in nature will incur a cost to the user. We ask that you are mindful with your actions and careful with equipment and fixtures on site.

The two main entrance’s into the building is either from the front off Springvale Road, or from the Rear Parking lot into the arcade and from there, the door to Black Site VR is at ground level and the only entry point to reception is via a flight of stairs.

All Players and Visitors agree to adhere to venue rules and staff instructions at all times and in accordance with our website terms and conditions, including but not limited to ensuring proper care and correct usage of equipment at all times. Any deliberate or willful actions that cause damage to equipment are payable by the user and the user is held liable for replacement or repairs that are relevant to the damage caused but not limited to the equipment but also any other damage caused as a result of the initial adverse action and their associated costs.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice so ensure you check the T’s & C’s each time you attend Black Site VR in case there are relevant changes that relate to you.