Black Site VR

Black Site VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) Lounge for those new to VR or hard core enthusiasts who wish to come play the various games available or enjoy general VR content such as short films and other VR experiences. We provide you with access to one or more VR headsets as you require and a Playing Bay to play out your game by moving within that space, in a safe environment. Each Playing Bay can be booked for 50 minutes at a time.


::: Bigger Playing Space than other VR Centres :::
:: More Games and Experiences on Offer :::
::: Sofa seating for Spectators :::
::: Seasoned Instructors, since May 2016 :::
::: Four Playing Bays for Multiplayer :::
::: 1 minute walk from a Train/Bus station with Free Parking :::
::: 3 Hour parking for $1 out the back which is NOW COMPLETELY FREE:::
::: Major events such as RMIT, Arnold Classic and other Expos :::
::: Running VR Tournaments to the general public :::
::: Membership Availability :::
::: Conduct of onsite Birthdays, Bucks, Corporate and demonstration events :::
::: Mobile Packages Off Site Options :::
::: Discount offers for serving members of Fire, Ambulance, Police and Defence :::

We would like VR to be a shared experience, so you and your friends can book an entire bay or several to compete in Multi-Player or otherwise if you book just the one bay, you can share with your friends as spectators, viewing your friend who is immersed in VR on our provided TV Screens so you can see the action or experience that they are in, we highly recommend this for horror titles.

Room scaled VR is a physical experience, so be prepared to be moving a lot and becoming tired if not exhausted, depending on your personal level of enthusiasm but we always first and fore most encourage safety, which we will cover in more detail on your arrival.

Take a look at our games collection, we encourage you to list the games or experiences you wish to try before arriving as a 50 minutes session alone is never enough time to get through more than a handful of games, usually you'll get through 5 at best and we have over 100 titles to choose from. Our games page will list the various genre's you might be interested in, ranging from shooting, exploring, creating, horrifying, abstract, story, survival, magic, sport to even 'accounting'.

We hope you have an amazing time.

[ Recommended Games ]

::: New to VR :::

• theBlu: An Underwater experience with the Blue whale and other ocean life
• Space Pirate Trainer: Static shooting of robots in a Space Invader-esque game
• Super VR Trainer: 5 Survival games in 1, all you have to do is survive
• The Brookhaven Expeiriment: Scary zombie shooter with basic controls

::: Experienced :::

• Arizona Sunshine: A zombie apocalypse shooter that will have you sweating without even moving
• Island 359: Equipped with a back pack, various tools and weapons, you hunt dinosaurs who too are predators
• Bullet Sorrow: Fight your way through an epic Sci-Fi military facility with dual wielding pistols as you duck and dive for cover against waves of security forces
• The Lab: A fun introduction and VR tutorial included, along with other mini games [ Staff Pick ]

::: Advanced :::

• Onward: A War game title, FPS that is a true to life military simulator [ Only for capable gamer's ]
• Windlands: A truly exhilarating experience once you master the mechanics
• Vanishing Realms: Journey a fantasy world of castles on an island, sword fighting against the un-dead, expect 1 hour & 20 min to finish
• Pavlov: Counter Strike type game for VR


• Arizona Sunshine – Survive the Zombie apocalypse by searching from town to torn surviving from a brief moment to the next

• Launch Squad – Painball with sling shots. Multiple maps, different game types i.e. Free For all, Team Death match, King of the Hill (Capture the flag) and more. One of our tournament games that we run

• Quivr – Defend the gates of high walls of the North in the icy terrain against waves of creatures from all walks and flight as you and your friends advance one at a time in a co-ordinated battle to hold off the advancing enemy forces.

• Eleven Table Tennis – Take a break from the serious VR stuff and do some down to Earth table tennis in VR!

• Sweet Escape – Race your friends up candy canes, donuts, cookies and cupcakes into the sky without falling off the path. The winner of each race gets to decide death or party for their friends. Don’t let go!

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